In June 2008 I signed up a gym member with the then Planet Fitness as i felt that i had to do something to improve my overall fitness. As I was a relatively lethargic and physically unfit person, i decided to engage a personal trainer (PT) to help me in my exercise regime. I was introduced to Ting Voon Khean (aka Ting) as my Personal Trainer.

My initial physical condition was quite bad due to occupational hazard and sedentary lifestyle. I often experience stiff neck, shoulder and backache due to long hours and years of using the computer and inactive lifestyle. My objective of signing up with a personal trainer was to increase my fitness level and body toning.

Ting was effective in identifying my problem areas and customized exercises to target those problem areas. The exercises he tailored for me were varied and interesting so that I will not be bored with the same routine. Ting was a thoughtful and dedicated trainer, ensuring that all exercises were executed correctly so that I don’t sustain any injury as a result. With much encouragement and professional guidance, I was able to subsequently complete the entire workout with ease. After a month of effective training under Ting, my physical condition improved tremendously. My back was stronger and i had gained more muscle strength and body more toned now. Not only did he help me with my workout program, he also advised me on nutrition and diet. I always look forward to every training session with Ting as he made it interesting and fun.

In conclusion, without the dedication and effective workout tailored by Ting, I would not have achieved my goal. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a professional personal trainer.

Best regards,

Ng Mui Boon (Ms)


It is my pleasure to recommend Ting Voon Khean as a personal fitness trainer and Nutrition Advisor. Ting has been my personal trainer for almost a year now, and he is the best personal trainer i have ever had. He has proved himself to be professional, reliable and trustworthly, and pleasant and friendly to exercise with.

I first met Ting when i joined a gym, aiming weight loss and gain fitness. Despite my general laziness and lack of enthusiasm for exercise. he has managed to keep me motivated and i now feel stronger, fitter, and much healthier than before. He has built an exercise program tailored to my needs and goals, advised me on nutritional issues ( which has reduced my spots and dry skin) and keep varying the exercises each session do it doesn’t get boring. He also listen to my mindless chatter, makes exercising easier with jokes and encouragement, and somehow makes the exercise time fly by.

Ting has a high standard of fluent English, and also speak Mandarin and Malay. He is easy to understand and is patient in listening carefully to my northern English accents, which is quite different from Singaporean accent. He has also been sympathetic to my needs as a women trying to exercise, and i have always felt comfortable with him and confident in his abilities to help me achieve my goals and protect me from injury.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions – it has been a pleasure to train with Ting and i recommend him highly. I look forward to training with him in the future if im able to return to Singapore.

Miriam Stuart

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